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Lobster roll was absolutely delicious! The lobster was seasoned wonderfully and hands down the best “buttered” roll i’ve ever had in my life. The owner is very nice and welcoming. Highly recommend.

Alex Zweben


My family and I spent the day at the Italian festival in Kingston. My father in law ordered steamers from booth across road from Off The Hook they looked good and he said as much but 3 did not open and that was tough luck. I ordered from Off The Hook and they were awesome. Not only do you get the steamers but then he adds a boat load of diced clams on top and garlic. There was more garlic then I’ve ever seen on steamers just awesome. If Then Joe the owner said I owe you a couple and he asked me to wait which I was happy to because they looked and smelled awesome. He leans over and says he has a treat for me instead of waiting for the steamers and hands me a boat of linguine and white clam sauce. I tried to refuse because it was over the top be would not let me do it. Unreal. The pasta cooked perfect the sauce was spot on. Even my 8 yr old son was drinking the sauce out of the half shells and he doesn’t like clams. Outstanding job Off The Hook thank you. My only regret was I was unable to get back for a Cod sandwich for dinner. I will be a repeat customer when I see you again

Ted Rucki

Where to start?

Where to start? Ok lobster roll PACKED with lobster. Bun TOASTED I can’t tell you how much I hate when places don’t toast it right. Next try the calamari with the balsamic drizzle?!?! Awesome. The fish and chips awesome. And last but not least the shrimp tacos……now I need to say I do know the owner personally but to any of you that know me know I am a food snob and a fat kid I wouldn’t steer you wrong…..

Tiber Tomshaw

New England style cuisine including chowdah, lobstah, sandwiches, entrees and more!
State of the art design with stainless steel interior, refrigeration, and the newest appliances on the market. Fresh food and the ultimate cleanliness is our promise to you!


Off the Hook FoodTruck
6 Zandhoek Rd.
Hurley NY ,12443

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