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Where to start?

09 June 2018 -

Where to start? Ok lobster roll PACKED with lobster. Bun TOASTED I can’t tell you how much I hate when places don’t toast it right. Next try the calamari with the balsamic drizzle?!?! Awesome. The fish and chips awesome. And last but not least the shrimp tacos……now I need to say I do know the owner personally but to any of you that know me know I am a food snob and a fat kid I wouldn’t steer you wrong…..

New England style cuisine including chowdah, lobstah, sandwiches, entrees and more!
State of the art design with stainless steel interior, refrigeration, and the newest appliances on the market. Fresh food and the ultimate cleanliness is our promise to you!


Off the Hook FoodTruck
6 Zandhoek Rd.
Hurley NY ,12443

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